Hurst Farm and Station Road Planning Application


Raymond Brown Quarry Products Ltd (RBQP) has recently submitted a planning application for a new sand and gravel quarry with progressive restoration for two parcels of land, known as Station Road and Hurst Farm, near Moreton in Dorset.

The two parcels of land were first nominated as potential future mineral extraction options to Dorset (County) Council in 2014.  Following rigorous assessment and public consultation, both sites were examined by a government appointed Planning Inspector and subsequently included in the adopted Dorset Mineral Sites Plan (2019).

The Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and Dorset Mineral Sites Plan (2019) identifies sites for mineral development to meet the county’s needs.  Along with the Minerals Strategy (2014), it provides the policy framework for determining planning applications for minerals development.  Dorset Council is required to maintain a landbank of at least seven years for future sand and gravel supplies.  The two sites at Station Road and Hurst Farm play a significant role in maintaining Dorset’s landbank, representing 36% of the total allocated sand and gravel resources over the plan period 2019 – 2034.


The overall proposal is for the progressive extraction of sand and gravel followed by restoration to a combination of agricultural land, open water and wetland habitat at Hurst Farm and Station Road.

A mineral processing plant (washing and grading) and stockyard will be located at Hurst Farm to serve mineral arising from both parcels.  A proposed overland conveyor will be installed with a designated crossing point over the B3390 to safely transfer the mineral from Station Road for processing at Hurst Farm.  Progressive restoration will be completed using residues arising from the mineral processing operation; washed residue silt from the aggregate processing plant will be directly pumped into a silt lagoon complex.  The restoration aim is to deliver a range of agricultural, ecological, hydrological, and environmental benefits as well as improved amenity and recreation opportunities.

A comprehensive range of environmental survey work has been undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process in order to support the application.  Information and data collected through these studies have helped inform the design and detail of the proposed scheme.

The planning application can currently be viewed on the Dorset Council planning webpage using this link.

Please click here for a copy of our Hurst Farm and Station Road Proposal Brochure.


An initial briefing presentation was held in January 2023 and two public planning exhibitions were held in March 2023, giving local residents of Moreton and Crossways an opportunity to review the proposal and meet with Raymond Brown employees.  Following these events, all community comments and feedback was collated and the draft working plans finalised.

Dorset Council will conduct its own statutory consultation – giving the public another opportunity for comments and we advise you to visit their website to provide your comments and feedback.

To view the proposed plans and proposed restoration scheme, please click on the drawings below:

Existing Site Plan

Proposed Working Phases – Hurst Farm

Proposed Working Phases – Station Road

Proposed Plant Site

Proposed Restoration Scheme 

Proposed Traffic Management

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager, Rob Storey via:


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