Quarry Managment

Quarry Managment

Quarry Management

Raymond Brown has been an established quarry operator and supplier of quality primary aggregates across the South for over 60 years.

Most people rely directly or indirectly on minerals and quarrying remains a major part of the economy.  It is essential for sustainable economic growth, providing the built environment with vital materials to meet the needs of our growing population.

Raymond Brown successfully operate a number of quarries and provide quality assured aggregate into the local areas.  Involving the local community and interested parties is also vitally important, as plans evolve and throughout mineral extraction, we ensure that engagement is a key priority.

Restoration and aftercare are also essential as the potential transformation of the land into improved sustainable areas after extraction could provide positive social, economic and environmental benefits.

All of our quarries are important economic assets with the potential to bring substantial profitable benefits to the immediate locality and to the wider community.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with modern technologies and incorporating them into our operations to minimise production costs whilst maximising the reserve to seek the best potential for the site.  We recognise the vital role of continual improvement and our site teams work closely our technical and commercial teams to improve, refine and the develop products.

All of our quarries are operated and maintained to the highest standards.  We have dedicated on-site teams of operatives, a site supervisor and quarry management.  Our sites are overseen by our locally based area operations manager and our quarries general manager.

All operators are highly skilled and trained, they are heavily involved in decision making on site as we strive as one to reduce wastage and maximise the potential of our products.  The whole team recognises our responsibilities as quarry operators and works closely with the compliance and environmental departments to keep disruption to a minimum and create positive relationships.