Quarry Products

We provide the full range of aggregates for all construction applications.  Raymond Brown has strict procedures in place to ensure that we supply the highest standards of aggregates from our quarries. This guarantees they meet both our internal quality criteria and national legal requirements.


Primary Gravels
Building Sands / Mortar Sands
Washed Sands
Specialist Sands (Leisure Sand for Sports Pitches and Golf Courses)
Cattle Bedding Sands
Asphalt Sands
Silica Sand (Equestrian Sand)


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Primary Gravels
Decorative market/drainage
Concrete Manufacture

Building Sands /
Mortar Sands
Bricklaying/mortar production and for use in the equestrian market

Washed Sands
Concrete manufacturing/

Specialist Sands
Leisure Sand (Sports Pitches and Golf Courses)

Cattle Bedding Sands
Bedding sand for cattle

Asphalt Sand
Supplying asphalt producers

Silica Sand
Equestrian Sand

Aggregate calculator

You can use our aggregates calculator below to work out the approximate cubic metres/feet of your work area as well as the tonnage of your chosen aggregate you would require. You can also send these details to a member of our team who can get in touch to provide a quote.