Restoration and aftercare are essential.  The potential transformation of the land into improved sustainable areas after extraction could provide positive social, economic and environmental benefits.

Our expertise and dedication to restoring, enhancing and improving land for the local community after extraction is one of our key skills.  Our restoration is phased throughout and will enhance biodiversity, geodiversity and provide benefits for habitats and the local community.  Many of our sites have been used to demonstrate best practice to influence future restoration plans within the industry.


An area which Raymond Brown restored to heathland on behalf of SUEZ at Binnegar Quarry in Wareham has been recognised as a site which demonstrates best practice for restoration by the RESTORE project which is managed by RSPB under the Nature After Minerals initiative and also by Dorset Wildlife Trust as a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. A further outcome identified that the five mile network along Puddletown Road offers scope for improved restoration in the future in order to benefit biodiversity.

Minerals Products Association (MPA) Biodiversity – Planned Restoration Award

The MPA Awards recognise exceptional practice and showcase some of the best examples of quarry restoration and wildlife conservation anywhere in Europe.
Raymond Brown were recently awarded winner of the MPA Biodiversity – Planned Restoration Award. The award was for Brickworth Quarry, where we recently gained permission for an extension to an existing operation. The area to be quarried is currently commercial coniferous plantation, but it was originally broadleaved woodland and the soil carries a rich seed bank. A robust handling strategy has been designed which relies on moving soils only once, using direct placement to the area of restoration.

The judges were impressed with the carefully planned removal of the conifer plantation, the management and conservation of ancient woodland soils and the planting of native trees to deliver a net gain in broadleaved woodland habitat. The new planning permission at Brickworth Quarry will ensure transformation of a conifer plantation to broadleaved woodland, providing enhanced habitat for a wide range of species, while protecting a valuable soil resource.