Roke Manor Quarry

Roke Manor Quarry



Site Address

Roke Manor Quarry, Salisbury Road, Shootash, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 6GA

Roke Manor Quarry

After seven years of development, Raymond Brown were granted planning permission in 2011 at Roke Manor. The facility was opened for business in 2015 and involves the extraction of 750,000 tonnes of sand and gravel at a rate of 125,000 tonnes per year.  As the mineral is extracted, the site is being progressively restored back to agricultural land using inert construction arisings.

The quarry supplies sand and gravel into the local construction market for use in concrete, general building and decorative materials.

Extracted gravel is transported to a state-of-the-art processing plant by overland conveyors to reduce the impact from the heavy plant movements.  The plant processes the gravel to produce a range of high-quality aggregate sizes and sand.  Modern technology is used to remove silt from the wash water so that it can be recycled and the residual silts used in restoration.

Site Contact

Martin Woolridge

Quarry Manager


07584 519672

About Martin

Martin has 17 years’ experience in the aggregates industry which has included land based quarries, marine and aggregate recycling.  He has been with Raymond Brown for over six years, having started as a Loading Shovel Operator and progressing to site management level.  Martin takes a huge amount of pride in his work, he is a strong leader and has good relationships with the quarry team at Roke Manor Quarry, responsibly leading and managing the site.  His combination of technical knowledge, compliance and managerial skills ensures that Roke Manor Quarry is operated safely and efficiently whilst delivering quality standards for our customers.


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