Biodiversity & Ecology

We offer improved restoration and management of the land well into the future in order to benefit biodiversity and ecology.


All Raymond Brown quarries have management plans which include biodiversity actions to identify any species and habitats.  These plans are designed to protect and restore biological systems by setting the standards for existing biodiversity and ongoing quarry restoration, as well as creating new initiatives and long-term objectives.  In close liaison with the community and ecologists, these help us to measure performance and ensure we are making significant improvements to biodiversity throughout the life of the site.

Woodland Management Plans

Our quarries provide a number of improvements to the natural habitats and our woodland management plans see us managing land well into the future after restoration.  Raymond Brown creates new woodland and parkland areas wherever possible to encourage further biodiversity and wildlife.

Throughout projects, we ensure active planting of additional trees in accordance with approved landscaping plans.  We have planted woodland belts alongside areas such as the M4 corridor, and bridleways and public pathways.  All planting schemes have a five-year management plan to monitor them and we have successfully planted an area of trees totalling the size of 4.1 hectares across our sites.


Mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians reside across all of our quarries and we recognise it is important for them to be able to live and breed safely.  We ensure this is a priority before and during mineral extraction and have experience of the following:

  • Bird boxes
  • Dormice habitats
  • Bats
  • Owls
  • Snakes and lizards
  • Great Crested Newts
  • Fencing protection
  • Water bank protection for water voles
  • Conservation crops to increase food types available.

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Raymond Brown has experience of managing sites within Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  We ensure a high standard of restoration to guarantee the area is improved and that the local community benefits from our operations.


Raymond Brown works closely with archaeologists in liaison with our clients, landowners and other stakeholders to ensure that all areas are properly managed and excavated before mineral extraction begins.  All discoveries are appropriately handled and recorded in detail.  Special areas such as those with ancient woodland soils are also managed carefully.

Nature After Minerals

We have been pleased to welcome Nature After Minerals (NAM) events to Binnegar Quarry to look at invertebrate and early pioneer species conservation through biodiversity-led minerals restoration.  NAM is a partnership programme, led by RSPB and supported by Natural England, the Mineral Products Association and the British Aggregates Association.