Company Information

Passion.  Responsibility.  Engagement.

Raymond Brown Quarry Products are a leading quarry operator and producers of quality sand and gravels.  We operate quarries across Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, which create valuable void space for inert tipping.  For more information on aggregates in other areas, please visit the Raymond Brown Group website.

Our Mission

To provide quality aggregates from well managed quarries in the south of England.

Our Vision

To grow our mineral reserves by maximising the benefit and minimising the impact of every tonne quarried.

Quarrying is an essential part of our society as aggregates are vital for economic growth and development.  Raymond Brown delivers quality materials for local construction and also provides sustainable solutions to our built environment and growing population.

Our teams are dedicated to sustainability, constantly investing in the protection of the environment.  We provide responsible site staff and the continual management and protection of the natural environment and improvement of biodiversity.

Proactive community liaison and stakeholder engagement is of key importance to us.  We ensure regular engagement with stakeholders and our site teams work closely with our neighbours, communicating with them on a regular basis.

The development of our Community Matters Initiative within the locality of our sites also sees us providing and supporting learning opportunities within the communities in which we work.

We work closely with the statutory authorities, ensuring that our sites are not only fully compliant with legislation, but that we are continually improving our performance to exceed it.