Roke Manor Quarry



Site Address

Binnegar Quarry, Puddletown Road, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 6AX

Binnegar Quarry Community Matters

Community Matters
As part of our Community Matters Initiative, Raymond Brown has created partnerships with four local schools; Wareham St Mary Primary School, Stoborough Primary School, Bere Regis Primary School and Wool Primary School. All four schools have designed their own Raymond Brown lorry, our lorry design campaign sees local schoolchildren use their imagination and creativity to design posters based around the theme of recycling to be displayed on our lorries.

Binnegar Quarry Liaison Committee
Raymond Brown administer a regular local liaison group which encourages openness and communication with the community.

Gifting & Donations
Binnegar Quarry has a Gifting and Donations budget which is used to offer support to the local community surrounding the quarry, and can be in the form of financial contributions, product or service donations or corporate volunteering.

If you feel that you may benefit from either our Community Matters initiative or if you are local to Binnegar Quarry and would like to submit a request for a financial, product or service donation then please email us at:


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