Raymond Brown goes digital with paperless ticketing

Raymond Brown have successfully rolled out a smart ticketing system as the business continues to move to more sustainable practices to reduce waste.

The new paperless process will also provide a more efficient service and improved customer service as it provides real-time tracking and live updates.  Customers will now be able to easily find all their tickets in one place at any time online and will no longer need to sign for them.  This will mean deliveries are more efficient and there will be no need for a trail of physical tickets, reducing paper consumption and wastage.

Colin Bolam, Sales Director, said: “We have implemented a smart ticketing system to make ticketing easier, safer and smarter for both our customers and staff.  By electronically generating these, we’ve also reduced administrative time spent processing them for both our ourselves and our customers and reduced the need for expensive paper trails which are damaging to the environment.  The business is also looking at other ways we can go paperless as we continuously review how we can be more sustainable and efficient in everything we do.”