Brickworth Quarry’s commitment to Restoration Blossoms with 6,000 New Trees and Shrubs

A photograph, captured by one of our dedicated staff members at Brickworth Quarry, depicts the positive strides taken toward environmental restoration at Brickworth Quarry.  Following the extraction of sand and backfilling with inert material in Phases 1 and 2, the Brickworth Quarry team carefully laid PAWS (Plantation on Ancient Woodland Sites) soil as per the guidelines outlined in the approved planning permission.  These two phases, along with Round Copse North, were then planted with approximately 6,000 trees and shrubs.

This concerted effort has resulted in the transformation of these areas, including a part of Round Copse North, into lush green spaces adorned with trees and shrubs. The species planted include:

Sweet Chestnut

Field Maple
Common Alder
Guelder Rose

These trees and shrubs not only enhance the local ecosystem but also stand as a testament to the team’s commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible land restoration.