Behind the unique Hibernacula at Brickworth Quarry

Within the last six months, all amphibians and reptiles at Brickworth Quarry have been translocated to a dedicated space, “Area A Reptile Mitigation Area”, which includes a pond, hibernaculas and hedgerow. The area has been constructed and is being managed by Jason Martin, Quarry Manager, Karl Reed, Assistant Quarry Manager, and Mark Renault, Environmental Permitting Manager.

The hibernaculas were created by removing an area of top soil and digging a hole about 50cm deep and 1.5m across. The area was filled with bricks, logs and branches, leaving gaps in between, and the soil placed back on top.

The hibernaculas provide a safe refuge for amphibians and reptiles to be relocated to, a warm hibernation spot through the cold winter months and lots of places for solitary bees and other insects to hide. Next year, the area will be further developed to include basking and breeding areas for reptiles.

Over the last six months, the hibernaculas have thrived, welcoming a wider range of different species as they have evolved over time.

The business is committed to delivering biodiversity net gain, which seeks to leave wildlife in a better state then before and the hibernaculas have been so successful at Brickworth Quarry that the team are now looking to construct them at both Binnegar Quarry and Roke Manor Quarry under the expert supervision of Karl Reed.

The site team are also investigating other types of hibernacula, including one which utilises both tree stumps and logs on site to encourage a broader range of species.